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From this page you can apply for either the ELECSA Part P or MCS schemes or both.  Assessment Guides and Application Forms for both the Part P and MCS schemes are available from the contractor pages within the website.  Please note that by completing an application to join ELECSA you are agreeing to our Scheme rules.

The application process will take approximately 5 minutes and you will be directed to a secure Worldpay site for your payment details. Once we have received your application form you will be advised of an assessment date, usually 4-6 weeks time.  If you have any questions about the process or would like to apply over phone, please contact our registration team on 03333 240 7870.
Are you an existing member of Elecsa via another scheme?
Section: Which Scheme
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Section: Company Details
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Key Contact Person (PDH, MD or Senior Partner)
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Part P: Contact Person (Principal Duty Holder)
Note: This person is ultimately responsible for the electrical installation activities, appoints the Qualified Supervisor(s) and is the primary contact between the Business and ELECSA.
 As Above
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Part P: Qualified Supervisor
Note: This is the person who is to be assessed and will be responsible for ensuring all requirements of the Scheme are met.
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Qualification: *  (Please select the highest electrical qualification this person holds)
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ECA Member: * Are you in the process of joining the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) or already an ECA member?

If yes above, please provide your membership or application number.

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Section: Part P Detail
TrustMark Registration (Optional)
You can additionally register for the government led consumer protection scheme, TrustMark. This is at an annual cost of £68 + VAT and you will be required to sign a separate sub licence agreement in order to use the TrustMark logo. We will send the sub licence agreement to you separately should you choose to opt into this scheme.

TrustMark Registration required: (please tick relevant box):    
Section:   Public Liability Insurance
Section: Preferred Communication Methods, Data Protection and Marketing
From time to time, we may want to pass your details to carefully selected 3rd parties to contact you with added value services and offers that will enhance your registration with ELECSA. We will only do this with your permission and you are free to change your preferences at any time:

Finally, how did you hear about ELECSA? In order to help us improve our marketing and promotion of ELECSA, we would very much appreciate it if you are able to tell us how you heard about the ELECSA PartP Scheme. Select an item from the drop-down list below:

EPP Number:     Company Name: 
Section: Total Payable
Total Payable £
(VAT Inclusive)
Based upon the options selected above the total fee amount is
Section: Declaration
Name: *
Position: *
Confirm *   I confirm that all information provided on this application form is true and accurate.
Upon successful registration, I agree to:
  • Set up a direct debit payment to ECA Ltd (please note that direct debits will be taken in the payee name of ECA-ELECSA)
  • Notify any changes in business and bank details to ELECSA as soon as possible
I acknowledge that failure to comply with the requirements of the scheme may mean that an application may not be successful or may result in suspension or revocation of the Registered Business.

I have read, understood and agree to abide by the latest revision of the following documents (which are available to download from the ELECSA website):

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